Multi Photos Contact

Updates your photos contacts regularly and automatically; here is a simple idea that changes everything!

Add multiple photos to each contact you want and simply choose the frequency of change, the picture changes automatically.


  • You can choose the frequency of change for each contacts: after an incoming call, twice a day, once a day, once a week
  • Share pictures from any application to « Multi Photos Contact » and select simply a contact to add it to his gallery
  • Build a photo gallery specific to each contact
  • Photos change in all applications of the phone (calls, sms, etc)
  • Does not consume battery

Advanced feature:

  • The app accepts a Dropbox link as image format !

This feature has been designed for couples, create a link that points to an image to your Dropbox, and give this link to your partner. If you change the image on Dropbox, your partner will receive this update 🙂

Idea & concept by Droidexp ©


Download from Google Play

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