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Privacy policy

Our apps and websites do not share personal information with third parties. When you write us a mail we’ll have your address but we won’t use it for anything else than helping you with our apps.

We do use anonymous traffic analysis. We only log anonymous technical information mostly in order to adapt fast to the constant hardware and software variations. This is essential to get apps that work, especially on the Android platform with its thousands of models.

Android requested permissions


This app uses Accessibility services for the automatic import mode feature.

For some people the automatic import mode is useful, in this mode the app will use the Accessibility services.
You will be asked to enable the Accessibility services for this app before the automatic import process to start.

By enabling the accessibility service, you authorize this app to import all the profile photos of your WhatsApp contacts.
The accessibility service is used to find inside the WhatsApp app the different buttons and menus to click in order to save the picture of a profile.
The import process repeats the steps automatically for you and for each of your contacts to save all photos effortlessly.
The accessibility service is necessary for the import process only, you can disable it when your leave the app.

MediaProjection SERVICES

This application uses the services of MediaProjection for the automatic import mode feature. It is used to capture the phone screen and crop the Whatsapp photo profile automatically.


The purpose of the application is to update the photo of your contacts with photos profile imported from WhatsApp, this why we needs these permissions (to update the photo).

We never have access to your photos and we don’t collect or store any information.

Really, seriously we do not care about your private life more than you care about ours and we are not intentionally collecting anything related to it in order to resell it or whatnot.

If you don’t agree with this, please do not use our apps or websites.

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on January 2022. If you have any questions feel free to contact us directly.